Offsetting our CO2

At Voya we believe it is important to offset our carbon emissions, for all aspects of our business. To save carbon emissions we send all our stock by sea freight. Which is slower but less damaging to the environment.
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COVID-19 Update

We wish you good health and send our love as we navigate this time together.
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There’s nothing like that amazing sense of adventure as you visit a new destination, although as passionate travellers we also need to understand that our journeys can have a negative impact on the world. Read more to find out, how to become a more responsible traveller.

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Guizhou Charity Contributions

We donate a percentage of our profits to local charities.

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Fabric Care

Here we explain how to taking care of your products to ensure they will last longer. Different fabrics require different washing styles. Read more here!
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Hangzhou Production

Voya's made in China collections are produced in a distinguished family run factory in Hangzhou China. We believe in an ethical and transparent workplace culture, which is why we choose to inform our customers on our production methods and standards. 

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