Las Vegas ‘What To Wear, And When’

Las Vegas is typically associated with brilliantly bizarre themed weddings, showcase casino scenes, and the delightful promise of beginner’s luck. It is a unique location with prominent scope for adventure!

Beyond the glitz, Vegas is a wonderland of travel opportunity. The city offers beautiful hotels, unique restaurants, and a wide variety of entertainment venues and shows.

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear’ guide for visiting America’s centre of experiences:


Las Vegas is a desert city. Therefore, there is virtually no rainfall throughout the year. However, it can get cold in the winter. Pack warmer layers with this in mind for the month of January.


With chillier evenings and cooler days, you’ll be most comfortable in long sleeved layers throughout February. Opt for structured dress-wear in the evenings if you plan to dine outdoors.


As the weather warms up, enjoy lighter layers and jackets in the days and evenings. Take inspiration from the local glamour with some fun costume jewellery pieces!


Embrace the glamorous local ‘culture’ and dress up for the evenings in your favourite fancy outfit combinations. Clutch bags make ideal year-round accessories for casino nights out and about.


As spring unfolds, enjoy the rising temperatures of the city while avoiding the main crowds that fill the city in the summertime. Creams and golds are key Vegas inspired palette choices!


With the summer heat in full swing, choose clothing that will show off your tan while keeping you cool. Glamorous oversized sunglasses will set off every outfit beautifully.


Halter-neck and racer necklines will suit the intensity of the summer’s heat very well this month. Team them with flattering skirts and pants, along with light shoulder coverings for the evening.


As the city hits peak season you will be spoilt for choice with shows and events happening all across the city. Dress in smart shoes and outfits to respect the dress codes of fancier venues.


With hot daytimes and cooler evenings, carry a light layer with you for when the night arrives. With micro chances of rainfall, you can confidently wear your favourite summer wardrobe pieces.


As the winter sets in, the evenings will begin to cool down once again. Pack a pashmina or smart blazer for the evening time. The intense AC can be just as chilly indoors as it is outdoors in Vegas!


Despite the colder evenings, November is a great month to explore Vegas due to lesser crowds and less intense heat. Confidently dress ‘a la Vegas’ in outfits as vibrant as you are!


Although the Christmas festivities will be apparent everywhere in the city, there is zero chance of snow locally. Select smarter outfits that will elegantly carry you through the seasonal celebrations.

Whether you’re seeking a fun-filled family adventure or visiting the city to try your luck on the betting tables, Las Vegas certainly won’t disappoint.

Embrace the city for all that it offers. Dress for the occasion, and enjoy finding out what the dice have in store for you...