Our voyage and our future.

We believe in the journey or, the ‘voyage’.
Voya is our love of travel, fashion and people combined. Using contemporary design we engineer travel orientated fashion, creating flexible pieces made to work for people on the go and to last beyond the season. Using ethical production and sustainable fabrics, we stay conscious to the world around us and aim to inspire you to do the same.

‘Travel is the best way to open one's mind’

Travel is the energy that ignites our creativity. Each season we draw inspiration from one destination and design a capsule collection. Each collection is accompanied by our travel essential collections, which are pieces designed for the journey.

At Voya we promote ethical and sustainable ideas and products. We love partnering and promoting small hand crafted, like minded businesses who we source along our adventures. To hear more about our collaborations with our international friends visit our blog.

Giving back
At Voya we believe in giving back to the communities we encounter along our way. We collaborate with charities in areas where we both visit and produce our range. With the majority of our collection produced in a family run factory in Hangzhou, China, we felt it appropriate to support a Chinese charity, Global Friendships, 'Educate A Child' programme. We are also a guardian sponsor of the international charity, Sustainable travel international who help encourage communities to leave a lighter footprint and create a positive impact in the places explored, helping to protect the places we love. 

True to our ethos, throughout the design and development process we keep waste to a minimum. We donate all our un-required garment samples to local homeless charities and unused fabrics to textile recycling mills. We hope that if you no longer require your Voya garments, you will stand with us and donate them, too.

For more information about the charities we are working with, please visit our charities page.

We believe in giving back to communities that need it. So we collaborate with charities in the areas where we produce and retail.

Sustainability & Responsibility
We do not believe in disposable fashion. The Voya design ethos is to create contemporary clothing, without an expiration date. We use sustainable fabrics where possible and are always looking for new ways to be more responsible and improve our production. We are really proud to have found ways to work with recycled polyester, and natural fibres such as silk, organic cotton, linen, merino wool & cashmere. 

At Voya we believe in responsible manufacturing and complete transparency of the process. We ensure all our production factories have BSCI compliance testing and all our products are rigorously tested. We regularly visit our factories and believe in building partnerships with everyone we work with. Voya are advocates of human rights and we believe all workers should be treated well and paid fairly.

You can read more about our main production hub based in the city of silk, Hangzhou, China on our Ethics page.

Our Vision

Voyas vision is to inspire responsible travel and promote sustainability.
We create contemporary design, using sustainable fabrics and ethical production.
We strive to build relationships with worldwide charities, helping those who need us, to feel good about the world we live in.

We hope to create a network of international and local artisans, who share the same ethos as us. So that we can collaborate, promote and grow together.

We want our customers from all countries, to love our brand, and share our vision for a better world, and we want to take you on that voyage with us.

We love partnering and promoting small, hand crafted, like minded businesses, so please follow our blog for more information and to stay informed of our new collaborations and exciting products from our international friends.