Rio De Janeiro | ‘What To Wear, And When’


Rio de Janeiro is a bustling metropolis with an array of attractions, drawing visitors from all over the globe. In fact, it is currently one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere!

Rio’s popularity is deeply rooted in its cultural and artistic offerings, including the famed ‘Christ the redeemer’ statue and the colourfully celebrated annual carnival.

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear’ guide for visiting Brazil’s vibrant second city:


Rio is a sunlit city that offers warm weather all year round. January is one of its hottest months making it ideal for sun worshippers. Floppy wide brimmed hats and oversized sunnies are a must.


As the hottest weather of the year continues, you can enjoy teaming chic sandals with floaty dresses and pant suits. Pack some versatile accessories that can offset more casual looks.


With little chance of rain you can confidently enjoy light, bright prints and patterns. Compliment light or nude colour tones with bright, bold jewellery that you will find locally extremely easily.


In the final month of the hottest season, embrace the warmest evenings of the year. Choose fabrics that will compliment your figure without being uncomfortably tight or figure hugging.


Although temperatures will drop slightly this month it will stay humid this month. Wide brimmed hats and headscarves will provide vital sun relief - along with some powerfully simple style.


With rain chance to a minimum this month, you can set out in style without footwear concerns. Pair up your favourite footwear with a flattering co-ordinating outfit as you explore the city.


Rio is a city built upon a foundation of music and festivity. Wisely select footwear that you can dance all night in, and pop your valuables in a handy cross-body bag or a chic mini backpack.


This month can be heavy with summertime tourists so avoid the major tourists spots. Stay cool in breathable fabrics while throwing ‘must-haves’ into a stylish locally weaved basket as you explore.


As the city moves into one of the sunniest winter’s the Earth sees, you won’t need to pack jackets or coats. Choose large framed dark glasses to explore in style, teamed with a ‘holdall’ day bag.


As the chances of rainfall start to rise, you may want to take a foldable umbrella out with you as you venture through the city. Closed toe shoes and a light jacket will be ideal for the evening.


With the humidity at its highest you will want to wear breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton that won’t crease. Take an oversized cover up with you for unpredictable rain or shine daytimes.


As the city moves back into it’s hottest season, choose clothing combinations that will keep you cool and fresh from day to night as you enjoy the city’s many attractions. Pack light!

Whether you choose to tour the city’s historical sites, venture into its art districts, or simply wander your way through the varied menus of the city, you will undoubtedly fall for Rio.

This very special travel spot is one that will stay with you long after sunny tans have faded and your bags have been unpacked. Enjoy the journey!