South-East Asia Travelling guide, Packing Do’s & Dont's.


It’s easy to pack for every eventuality when we are travelling to somewhere we have never been before. When visiting multiple locations, it’s tempting to try to cover all bases. Doing so risks hassle and even injury from carrying excess (and unnecessary) clothing weight.

So what are the best packing options for venturing across South-East Asia? Here are some easy-to-follow rules for a successfully stylish trip:

DO choose clothing pieces that roll down into smaller capsule wardrobe items. Denim remains bulky, whereas linens and cottons are remarkably easy to minimise in size.

DON’T take more than two pairs of shoes. One closed-toe pair of sneakers or loafers plus a comfortable fitting pair of sandals will be all you’ll need. If you must take heels, wedges are your best choice for uneven ground. Save those stilettos for hotel based vacations!

DO take along one dressy item to transform any outfit. This is where a fitted blazer comes in useful! Add one tailored element to even the most casual of dresses or pant suits and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

DON’T choose hats that cannot be packed down. Panama and trilby hats may look great, but do you want to carry them around every day? Choose items that easily flatten, such as floppy sun hats or turban style headwear.

DO include one quality scarf. Scarves can be used to dress up an outfit when worn loosely around your shoulders at night. It can also double up as a hair wrap for locations where hair grooming isn’t an easy option.

DON’T take handfuls of jewellery items and small accessories. They will only become a worry for you. Plus, hot locations don’t blend well with metals. One set of costume jewellery will suffice.

DO take one ‘cover-all’ waterproof jacket. The longer you can make it, the better. South-East Asia is well known for it’s monsoon seasons. It pays to be prepared!

DON’T pack items that don’t easily match others. Outfit sets that aren’t multi-purpose will only generate excess weight in your case or backpack. Dresses and jumpsuits are ideal all-in-ones that remove the guess work!

DO take your least expensive but most robust sunglasses with you. Save your luxury shades for luxury trips. Backpacker style travels require fuss-free yet stylish items only.

DON’T forget that you will likely want to pick up a few items on the road. Leave space in your luggage for purchases of clothing, accessories and fabrics that you’ll undoubtedly want to bring home with you.

South-East Asia is vast area that includes a multitude of travel treasures and unique personal experiences. Your main priority is to absorb as much as you can as you travel - without being weighed down by your wardrobe!

Aim for modern minimalism meets micro-packing, with all of the Asian inspired colours and textures you’ll discover along the way woven in. Have an incredible onward journey of stylish exploration!