Christchurch, New Zealand | ‘What To Wear, And When’


Christchurch is made for exploration. The city offers a colourful menu of heritage culture, urban regeneration, architectural beauty and street art. It’s a perfect base camp for South Island venturing, while also being a destination spot in its own right.

Wander through the unique downtown cityscape before sipping cocktails by the Avon River at one of the many independent bars on offer. Summer or winter, you’ll fall for Christchurch before you know it.

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for Christchurch, New Zealand:


Visiting during the warmest month of the year, step out in loose linens and comfortable sandals. The South Island is cooler than the North, but it can get hot. Dress for summertime temperatures.


As New Zealand’s summer season continues, maxi and midi length dresses accompanied with wide brimmed hats and dark glasses is an easy and stylish go-to. Think boho meets city chic.


Comfy footwear teamed with shorts, skirts and light tops are a perfect combination March. Dress up each look for the evening by swapping flats for heels and adding a clutch.


As the temperatures begin to cool, pack a blazer or cardigan for the evening time. Rain is unlikely, so sandals or wedges will be a great option for daytime ventures.


Rain becomes far more likely from the month of May. Ankle boots with a small heel will work well matched with a waterproof raincoat or trench style jacket.


As the wetter climate sets in, dress for the rainy season. Closed toe shoes and a jacket that will dry easily will be best. Dress up the layered look with some elegant accessory choices.


July is the coldest month of the year, with frost and snow a distinct possibility. Thick layers and cosy sweaters will work well from day to night, with a warm hat added on frostier days.


As winter truly sets in, embrace layered fabrics. Team a stylish trench coat with heavy knits and comfortable boots or closed toe footwear. Dark glasses and a stylish holdall are a winter staple.


September is the driest month of the year, although temperatures are still low. It will be sunny, so take several layer options out with you to suit warmer afternoons and chillier mornings.


As spring arrives, you can leave behind your winter knits and choose light layers and a shorter jacket. Complete the look with a sleek trilby hat to shade your eyes.


As the city creeps closer to summertime, you will enjoy full days of sunshine throughout November. Summer dresses and jackets work well matched with light, bright accessories.


Shorts, skirts, crops, and cap sleeved shirts are the items to go for this month as summer truly sets in. Light cottons and crisp linens are ideal to stay cool and comfortable. Enjoy the sunshine!

The laid back approach of New Zealand life is just one of the things that makes Christchurch so attractive to globe-trotters.

Enjoy the city - along with a glass of New Zealand’s finest!