The Galapagos Islands - What To Wear, And When!

600 miles from the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands are an epicentre of local wildlife and natural scenery. For this reason alone, almost 300,000 visitors are drawn to see the animals and landscapes on the islands every year.

From hanging out with the sea lions on the beaches of San Cristobal, to exploring the many trails of the National Park, you’re going to need back up batteries for your camera!

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for visiting the Galapagos Islands:


January sits in the middle of the wet season. Pack a rain-shielding light jacket for seasonal showers. The weather will be very warm so choose non-stick fabrics to overcome the humidity.


With the humidity still strong, sweep hair away from your neck with a sleek head wrap or bandanna. Choose light and loose layers to stay cool as you explore the ring of islands.


You will still need an umbrella and a rainproof layer, but enjoy the hotter weather with outfits that include shorts, vests, and loose-fitting dresses. Well-fitting sandals are a great choice year round.


Several pairs of stylish dark glasses are a must-have on the Islands, particularly if you are spending the day sailing at any point. Sun hats are also a stylish yet practical choice.


Much of the Galápagos is protected, so book a tour guide ahead of your trip. Make the most of your time with them by wearing flat shoes and comfortable outfits, such as an all-in-one jumpsuit.


Tank tops and shorts are a great standard outfit for the islands, which can be dressed up with some style accessories such as a wide-brimmed (also practical) sun hat and a stylish holdall.


There are many cruise ships and sailing boats that roam the nearby waters of the islands. Pack an elegant outfit to wear aboard, as you take in the the incredible views of the islands by night. 


The humidity lowers in August but the temperatures remain high. Loose linen outfits can easily be dressed up for any evening occasions with a simple change of shoes and accessories.


September offers magnificent nights of star gazing with clear skies and lesser winds. Stay warm while lying back on the beaches with a warm sweater or a simple but stylish cotton pashmina. 


The islands are known for their bio-diversity. Pack comfortable light-weight sandals that will suit the dry terrains of the volcanic landscapes along with the more tropical beaches of the area.


As the humidity begins to rise, stay cool with tank tops, floaty skirts, shorts and dresses - all of which can be accessorised for an evening in one of the many boutique hotels on the islands.


Beach wear is a must for the islands, whether it’s a bikini for soaking up the sunshine or a wetsuit for local snorkelling. Cover-alls such as maxi-dresses will be great for on-the-go outfit changes.

The Galápagos islands are not your average tourist trap. With relatively fewer visitors than almost any other ‘destination location’ due to strict conservation regulations, it’s a special spot indeed.

Remain respectful of the unique wildlife the islands have to offer along with the locals who work hard to keep it that way, and you will have a once in a lifetime trip you’ll never forget.

Don’t forget those extra camera batteries!