African Safari Travelling guide, Packing Do’s & Dont's.


If you want to have an unforgettable experience while travelling in Africa, safari is a must. Enjoy a unique opportunity to connect with magnificent (and rare) local wildlife while spending time with dedicated local guides who will show you more of the country than you ever thought possible.

So—what to pack for such a stunning adventure?
Here’s your exclusive packing guide for the complete safari experience:

DO choose your colour palette wisely. Neutral shades aren’t just flattering for photo opportunities. They are also a great choice to help you blend into the environment naturally and appropriately. This is one of the rare moments not to be noticed for your clothing!

DON’T take a day bag with complex fastenings. On safari, you might be surprised by a sudden sighting of a rare bird or animal that you’ll want to photograph quickly. You don’t want to be the one who missed the shot because they were fiddling with compartments trying to access their camera.



DO select light, breathable fabrics to fend off mosquitos and sunstroke as much as possible, while staying cool. Roll these items as small as possible when packing to allow for maximum packing capacity.

DON’T bring along a single heavy layer for cooler (or even cold) evenings. Layering options will allow you to manage changing temperatures with greater ease - and with far more style!

DO take a hat that you can fold down or roll up effortlessly. Wide brimmed floppy hats are ideal for safari as they will keep you out of the sun’s glare, while being easily minimised for super smart micro-packing.

DON’T forget at least two pairs of dark glasses. Having spare sunglasses will rule out calamity if one pair gets broken or lost and those dark lenses will keep your eyes free from harm during long days of sunshine.



DO take a comfortable footwear (such a loafers or trainers) plus a pair of sandals to change into. You will likely be getting in and out of the safari vehicle often so comfort and practicality is key.

DON’T take your fanciest clothing in the hopes of a glamorous ‘on-safari’ look. Focus on the activity itself. Plus, those dark glasses and wide brimmed hats will make ay outfit chic!

DO leave expensive jewellery and sentimental treasures in your hotel safe or back at home. The pain of losing something special is never worth the risk.

DON’T pack for every eventuality. Communicate with your tour guide pre-travel to request their recommendations for your specific itinerary. Doing so will prevent unnecessary overpacking.



There are two things to remember while on safari - remain respectful, and have fun. You have the opportunity to witness Africa’s rarest wildlife in breathtaking surroundings. For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Liberate yourself from heavy baggage and cluttering accessories. Instead, embrace stylish simplicity and a few choice ‘must-have’ items to help you make the most of every moment of natural majesty.