Voya charity collaborations 2018-2019


For each piece sold we donate a percentage of our profits to the local charities in the area of the production. For all the garments produced in our Hangzhou factory in China, 2018-19 we are donating to the charity; Educate A Child.

Educate A Child is committed to providing a chance for underprivileged children to have the opportunity to have an education.

Founded in 2015, by the Guangzhou based network and support group, Global Friendship. This charity is working with schools and students in Guizhou province, one of the most impoverished regions in China.


Educate A Child works with schools to improve their teaching methods by a volunteer programme, and by providing essential teaching equipment. They also have created a school meals programme, to ensure the students have a nutritional lunch, as sadly, for many of them, lunch is the only meal of the day. Additionally, they sponsor specific children through their whole education journey.