Ethical Statement by Voya

Ethical Statement

At Voya we create clothes that are designed to last. We aim for slow, rather than fast fashion. To this effect, we place huge value on the quality and craft behind each of our products – whether it be a cotton summer dress or a hand finished cashmere knitted cardigan. All our products are designed and made with care, and finished to the highest of standards.

We aim to foster thought in all that we do, and this extends to our relationships with the people who help to bring our collections to life. We have a partnership with our main factory in Hangzhou, and work closely with them each day, we also have developed a strong working relationship with the suppliers of our sustainable & natural fabrics, to ensure that our brand principles are applied throughout our supply chain.

Our suppliers work in accordance with our principles, which are based on the International Labour Organisations core conventions, and the Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

These Conventions require the following:

  • Compliance with local labour law
  • Statutory pay and working hours
  • The right to organise and bargain collectively
  • A ban on child labour
  • A ban on discrimination
  • A ban on forced labour
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Compliance with local environmental legislation.

Other than our partnership factory, we have 2 other suppliers based in 2 countries who we have been working with for up to 8 years through our parent company.