Tel Aviv, Israel - What To Wear, And When!

Described as Asia’s answer to New York City, Tel Aviv boasts all of the offerings of any large and bustling metropolitan city with the additional perks of over 300 days of sunshine per year, beach views, and a fast-paced culinary scene that draws millions of global visitors.

Notably, Tel Aviv is much adored by dog-lovers - it’s an incredibly canine-friendly city with over 30,000 dogs living there! The city also offers many delicacies and world-renowned historical arts.

Here is your guide of what to wear and when in Israel’s diamond city:


Although not chilly by most tourist’s standards, January is the coldest month of the year in Tel Aviv. Pack thick jumpers and a rain jacket, though you likely won’t need a heavy coat.


As the colder weather eases off, woollen layers and a light coverall such as a loose-cut trench coat will be ideal throughout February. Low-heeled ankle boots will work well day to evening.


Leave behind thick layers and instead embrace a fitted blazer which can smarten up any day-to- night outfit combination. Enjoy the fewer crowds in this off-season as you explore the city.


Tel Aviv has an urban-hippy feel to it. You’ll feel comfortable in airy dresses, skirts, and t-shirts of varying sleeve lengths depending on the occasion. Sunglasses are a must, year round.


Classic all-in-one jumpsuits are perfect attire for exploring the city on foot. Tel Aviv is predominantly flat so flip flops or sandals will be a comfortable daily option.


June offers month-round sunshine. Dress to stay cool no matter how busy you are during the daytime as you see the sights. Linen fabrics are both stylish and refreshing those for hotter days.


July sits right in the middle of Tel Aviv’s summer - and it has the high temperatures to match. Stay cool with wide-legged pant suits, sleeveless tops, and head-protecting silk headscarves.


The hottest month of Israel’s year calls for outfits that offer both style and sanctuary. Racer-back vests dresses will work well teamed with comfortable flats and an elegant wide-brimmed sun hat.


As the summer tourist rush begins to settle, the city will feel calmer and a little cooler also. T-shirts teamed with shorts or skirts will be an ideal combination for simple but sophisticated style.


For the Autumn months, long-sleeved cotton tops, shirts, and light sweaters will be great choices to match up with jeans or capri pants. Smarten up the look with a choice clutch or belt accessory.


Rain jackets and thicker layers are must-pack items for the first month of winter in Tel Aviv. Dark glasses with a slim roll-neck will be an elegant and comfortable look for day-to-night occasions.


An oversized wool scarf that you can throw over any outfit will solve your need for both warmth and style. Team with cosy layers and closed-toe shoes or boots in preparation for potential rainfall.

Tel Aviv city culture is a live for the moment culture, with an inspiring take on the concept of enjoying what each day brings. Although the city can be expensive, the price tag is well worth it for the experiences you will enjoy.