Terre Blanche - Provence, France

With two 18-hole championship golf courses, Terre Blanche was originally a major destination for golfers. However, it is also a 5-star eco-resort with 115 luxury suites nestled in the lavender hills of Provence’s Cote d’Azur. Everything from the selection of zero carbon mattresses to the team of donkeys that keep the understory of the forest in balance, highlight Terre Blanche’s approach to minimise the environmental impact of operations. Terre Blanche also makes honey. With thousands of bees gathering nectar from wild flowers, they are also helping to maintain healthy bee populations, which are under threat world wide, while supporting native plants and a local herb garden. Terre Blanche covers a large piece of land (larger than Monaco) which supports a range of native and threatened birds, tortoises, frogs, lizards, foxes, rabbits, bats, martens, squirrels, hares, badgers, deer and fish species, which they are committed to protecting. A clean water filtration system reduces soil contamination, while the use of Dwarf Bermuda Riviera grass reduces water usage and pesticide use. This nature oasis is easily accessed from Cannes (35 minutes) and Nice Airport (45 minutes).

The Green House Hotel - Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Free weekly yoga classes for guests, buffet breakfasts and beauty treatments available in your room, there is a lot to like about the luxury 4-star Green House Hotel. With a focus on facilitating overall health and well-being for their guests, the Green House also minimises its impact on the environment, in an ethical and responsible manner. They source food and products locally, insist on high welfare standards of suppliers, reduce, re-use, re-cycle, and take a whole of life approach to the use of products. The in-house Arbour Restaurant was also recognised with the Michelin Plate Award, a testament to the innovative, fresh and sustainable food experience. If you need one more reason to visit - it is also possible to enjoy the traditional English afternoon tea, featuring home-made Scones, Dorset clotted cream and locally produced preserves. Now that is definitely the cherry on top.

Kapari Natural Resort - Santorini, Greece

This breathtakingly beautiful luxury eco-resort is where Cycladic tradition meets minimalism. A project of love led to the eco-restoration of 300-year-old cliff-side cave dwellings by the Adamidis family, after a devastating earthquake in 1956. Kapari Natural Resort is now one of the most unique luxury eco-hotels in Santorini. The natural architecture means the rooms stay cool and very little energy is required for air- conditioning during the summer, while the food is seasonal and locally sourced from an nearby organic farm. A place to experience traditional Greek hospitality - ‘Kamari' means ‘caper’ - the flower bud that grows wild across the island and is popular in local cuisine.

There are countless stories, myths and legends surrounding the island, with the dark volcanic beaches, the imperious rocks and whitewashed houses just part of this mysterious, romantic and fascinating destination. Kamari is the perfect place to explore the Island of Santorini - one of the most enchanting and popular Islands of Greece.

Agrivilla I Pini - Tuscany, Italy

Located just one hour from Florence, Agrivilla i Pini was originally a castle from the Italian renaissance period. After an ecological renovation in 2018, using sustainable, organic and healthy living materials such as chalk, clay, hemp, and terracotta floors, they now welcome guests to enjoy the pool, nature and fresh organic food. This is a unique eco-hotel because it is completely cruelty free and has an organic garden based on the principles of permaculture. The garden provides the inspiration for the fresh and innovative vegan cuisine served in the restaurant. Agrivilla i Pini strives to connect humans, the building, nature and the environment with everything that they do. The rooms are lovingly furnished with antique wooden furniture, handmade by Tuscan carpenters, while the bathrooms are made from clay and are stocked with locally made organic soaps. In fact, everything on site is made in Tuscany, with real hands and they are committed to using zero plastic. All energy is solar, cleaning products biodegradable, and only all laundry is air dried. Agrivilla i pini also have a small vineyard that supports a boutique range of organic wine. This luxurious and harmonious way of life nestled the Tuscan landscape is sure to inspire guests to return again and again.

Mas Salagros - Catalonia, Spain

Only 25 minutes from Barcelona, Mas Salagros is the first 100% ecological resort in the region. Once an old farmhouse known as Can Sala Gros dated 1497, the renovated property is located inside a nature reserve and overlooks the protected Park of the Serralada Litora. The eco-resort is committed to energy savings, using biofuels, and energy-efficient lighting and products that respect the environment. They also offer a wellness experience of an Ancient Thermal Bath regime that includes, the Tepidarium (Temperate Water), the Caldarium (Hot Water), the Frigidarium (Cold Water) the Balneum (Thousand Jets), the Laconicum (Steam Bath) until reaching a state of total physical and mental relaxation in the Flotarium (Salt Bath). This ancient bath regime can be followed by a wellness massage. In the restaurant they serve ecological tapas made from organic, seasonal and local products. Mas Salagros are inspired to provide a space where their guests can embrace the slow movement, be surrounded by nature and fully relax and unwind.

White Pod Hotel - Zermatt, Switzerland

Nestled high in the Swiss Alps, the White Pod Eco-Luxury Hotel is an environmentally friendly base for an Alpine adventure. Each luxury pod is furnished with reclaimed or recycled furniture and heated by individual pellet stoves. The on site panoramic restaurant features traditional Swiss dishes made dishes with locally sourced ingredients such as cheese fondue, raclette and waffles drizzled with hot chocolate sauce. White Pod Hotel also commits to 100% biodegradable cleaning products, bulk-buying and using products certified with credible ethical and sustainable standards. The near-by city of Zermatt is also an eco-destination, as the entire town is a combustion-engine car-free zone with only electric transport on the streets. The car-free initiative prevents pollution that could obscure the view of the beautiful Matterhorn, one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe. If the White Pods are too close to camping for you, they also have a number of Eco-Chalets to choose from, which offer a step-up in luxury.

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