Barcelona, Spain - What To Wear, And When!

To experience an eclectic combination of the best Spain has to offer, visit Barcelona. The city combines the relaxed, sunlit charm of a typical Mediterranean city with incredible architecture and art museums and attractions you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re drawn as a foodie, or you’re a history fan who is fascinated by the intricate gothic facades scattered across the skyline, you won't be disappointed by all Barcelona has to offer.

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for visiting the famed Spanish city:


With chilly winds, cloudy days and moderate winds you’ll want to wrap up as you explore the city. Heavy coats aren’t necessary but warm layers and waterproof shoes are advisable.


The chill remains this month, although the rains will be less frequent and the heavier stay away for the most part. Classic sunglasses for the bright winter sun are a must.


As the temperature starts to creep upwards, you’ll enjoy sunnier days with clear skies. The evenings will still be fresh so choose outfits that won’t leave you out in the cold.


Enjoy beautiful clear, blue skies and slightly warmer temperatures this month with barely any rain. Pack a handy pashmina wrap for your shoulders to suit the cooler temperatures.


Warm Spring days in May are perfect for long sunny days of exploration. Take one light, loose layer with you for the evening time just in case.


As summer kicks in, so does the hotter weather. Opt for comfortable, stylish sandal wear and loose fitting but flattering fabrics as you wander.


You have no need for an umbrella this month as there is unlikely to be any rainfall. Wide brimmed hats and large dark glasses will suit the scenery perfectly.


Although Barcelona doesn’t get as hot as other parts of Southern Spain, temperatures can still be intense. Avoid heavy fabrics or metallic details that will cause discomfort.


The first half of the month will stay dry, but as September continues some short spells of rains will be likely. Opt for closed toe footwear and a discreet umbrella.


As temperatures begin to fall, choose light linen pant suits and fuller length dress-wear. Spain’s famed espadrille footwear are a great choice to finish off the look.


The winds pick up this month, so leave hats at your hotel. Go for a stylish hair wrap or neat hairstyle that won’t bother you as you explore. Light jackets are recommendable.


You won’t need heavy coats but you will want waterproof layers for the chillier climate. This is the perfect time to accessorise with Barcelona’s incredible local offerings.

With a bustling summer season and a ghost town feel to the wintertime, Barcelona offers variety to the explorative traveller. For street festivals and busy nightlife, visit July to September time. If you prefer a more relaxed pace of life, then head to Barcelona within the winter season.

Whatever you do, and whenever you visit - don’t miss out on the tapas!