San Francisco, California | ‘What To Wear, And When’


Renowned as the creative hub of California, San Francisco is brimming with artistic culture. It is the centre point for innovative tech development, famously housing industry giants such as Google and Uber, which is just one of the many unique draws of the city.

Whether you’re visiting to take photos on the famed Golden Gate Bridge or keen to get under the skin of the local art scene, San Francisco will not disappoint. So—what to pack?

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for visiting the city of San Francisco:


With some chance of rain but a far greater likeliness for bright sunshine, dress for warmer climates. Light jackets teamed with maxi dresses or long pants will work well this month.


Functional jackets and woven scarves are ideal choices in February. Comfortable day shoes can be swapped for evening heels - as long as you’re okay with hill walking in some areas!


Blue skies and reliable sunshine make March a great month to visit the city. Choose oversized sunglasses and a Panama hat to team up with long sleeved shirts and dresses.


As the weather warms up, leave coats and heavier layers behind. Opt for cotton or linen fabrics matched with denim jeans and comfortable sandals. Add a fitted jacket for the evening.


With milder days mixed with bursts of warmer weather, May is the month for layering options. Select easily removable items (such as light jackets or thin sweaters) with you to suit day or night.


Short sleeved tops and shorts will suit most days in June, though be sure to take a jacket with you if you plan to stay out until the later evening as winds can pick up.


The city can get foggy in July, although most of it burns off by mid-morning. T-shirts and denim is a comfortable staple outfit which can be dressed up with elegant belt and clutch accessories.


Although you can rely on warmer daytime temperatures, take cosier layers for the evening. Pack woven scarves or pashminas which can be easily thrown into a stylish holdall bag.


While the rest of the USA cools down, San Francisco begins to warm right up! Pack skirts, shorts, and light summer dresses to team with dark glasses and sandals.


As sunnier weather continues, October is one of the most popular months to visit the city. City winds can cool the temperatures significantly, so be sure to pack a short jacket for the evenings.


Mild, bright climates attract many travellers hoping to escape the harsh winters elsewhere in America. Team dark glasses and light layers with flat or low heeled ankle boots for a chic look.


The holiday season means the city will glow with celebration lights - but no snow! However, the weather will cool off significantly. Embrace sweaters and layered outfits for a cosy, styled look.

San Francisco is a warm hearted, friendly city with a host of local culture and hospitality to enjoy. From day to night, the city has an incredible array of attractions and venues to offer.

From whale watching to city hiking, your memories of San Francisco will stay with you long after you’ve unpacked!