The Voya responsible travel guide.

There’s nothing like that amazing sense of adventure as you visit a new destination. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, see wonderful scenery and explore dynamic cities.

But as passionate travellers we also need to understand that our journeys can have a negative effect on the world. Racking up the air miles to explore far and wide is all very well, but our carbon emissions are contributing to climate change and that threatens to destroy some of the delicate ecosystems we love so much.

So, just as we take care to travel ethically by not riding wild animals or giving money to exploited children, we should take care to offset our carbon emissions and limit the damage we are doing to our planet. After all, we want the generations that follow us to be able to discover the amazing beauty of Earth.

At Voya we offset the carbon emissions of every trip we take & our product takes, with, it’s a simple and effective way to do our bit. You simply need to calculate your carbon footprint online and then choose one of the many internationally-certified offset projects that will reduce emissions elsewhere in the world, perhaps supplying fuel-efficient stoves to women in North Darfur, or planting trees in Brazil.

There are other ways you can make an impact too, such as trying other modes of transport that don’t involve flying when you can, supporting ecotourism projects and carrying a reusable water bottle with you to avoid plastic wastage.

We always make sure we pack light too. When you’re on a plane every kilo counts and makes a difference to fuel usage. Imagine if all passengers left those hefty suitcases behind? At Voya our clothes are designed to be lightweight and non-crease and you can wear them multiple ways. You’ll look stylish and do your bit for the environment too.

If we all embrace sustainable practices when travelling, we can combat some of the world’s most pressing issues and protect the destinations and communities that we love. To find out more ways you can leave a lighter footprint, visit our favourite global travel charity, Sustainable travel international, they take on tourism’s most pressing and transformative impacts, and work towards a future where travel is beneficial for people and places all around the world.