Cairo ‘What To Wear, And When’

Egypt may differ by region weather-wise to a certain extent, but this North African country is a desert climate that is attractively hot and sunny all year round. If you enjoy warmer climates and have a love for culture, ancient history, interesting foods, and stunning resorts then this could be the travel location for you!

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for visiting the city of Cario:


The first month of the year is one of the mildest that the country sees - though never truly chilly. Pack light jackets and some easily added layers such as soft cotton pashminas and scarves.


The evenings during the winter months cool off quite a bit in Cairo. Although there is little chance of rain, wear lightweight full covering outfits when heading out and about exploring.


If you’re headed to the coast, you’ll find an enchantingly warm and balmy climate. Wide brimmed hats and dark sunglasses are a must, along with a useful and stylish ‘holdall’ bag.


As spring begins, the temperatures will climb notably rapidly. Step out in comfortable and great quality sandals teamed with loose linen outfits for ultimate comfort and style.


Long pants, skirts and dresses (short or long sleeve) are a great option for keeping cool as the country nudges towards the hotter summer season. Linens will keep you cool in humid conditions.


As the heat kicks up a notch, you’ll want to stay comfortable while feeling your best. Try matching some locally made jewellery with your favourite looks to bring life to any capsule wardrobe.


Headscarves aren’t just for movie stars - this is a great time (and location) to embrace the elegance of a well placed headscarf. Each piece can then double as an evening shoulder shawl.


With barely any rain and sky high temperatures you’ll want to stick to lighter fabrics such as cottons and linens. Figure hugging outfits won’t feel good in the daytime so opt for looser fits.


As the summer heat relents, autumn season draws many tourists. With most days of September idyllic, pack bright accessories to team with well fitting summer wardrobe pieces.


As autumn progresses the warmth remains but the rains start to make an appearance! Take an umbrella out with you and wear closed toe shoes for comfort when the clouds appear.


Light jackets and slightly denser fabrics will suit this month as the winds pick up. You won’t need a coat but a cosy large wrap will be ideal for stylish evening excursions.


The coolest month Cairo sees is still pretty warm by most travellers standards. Sunglasses are a must all year round. Light pullovers are a great handbag back-up for the milder evenings.

Although Cairo is very used to tourists coming and going, it is a predominantly Muslim faith country. With that in mind, modest dressing for female is advisable in order to prevent unwanted attention when exploring beyond the walls of your hotel or resort.

Cairo is a country full of history - now it’s time to make your own memories there!