Voya's ‘made in China’ is produced in a distinguished family run factory in Hangzhou China.


We believe in an ethical and transparent workplace culture, which is why we feel it is important to inform and to educate our customers on our production methods and standards.

Voya's partner factory for our Chinese produced woven garments, is based in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a city in Zhejiang province, also known as the “home of silk”. This area is the historic centre of Chinese silk production, dating back to Liangzhu Culture (3400-2250 BC). This location is ideal for high end production as it is close to the high quality material production, also as there is a wealth of skilful fine fabric specialised, employees.

VOYA has worked with this specialised high quality factory, through our parent company, WINSTAR for over 8 years. Over that time, we have built a strong relationship, focusing on our core values together;


We pride ourselves on being ethically responsible, ensuring all our workers are treated fairly.

We buy all our fabrics direct from the producers, to control all costing, and are able to ensure the fabric standard and quality throughout the procedure. We have specialist teams focusing on quality control at various stages throughout the production, ensuring our AQL levels are at the most premium. As we have this direct partnership with our factory, we cut the middle men, therefore we are able to give our customers a high quality product at a fair price.

Our pattern cutting teams use top of the range industry equipment.

In this ever changing modern world, technology is king, and we ensure our factory uses top of the range equipment, and complies to all standard industry guidelines. All of the development and production lines, such as cutting /sewing / finishing departments use modern procedures, and have specialised technicians on site to utilise as required.

This is the Jin family who own and run our operate factory in Hangzhou China, posing at West Lake, Hangzhou.


We promote ethical responsibility , ensuring all our workers are treated well. All of the factory social and civil requirements are met and exceeded. This is a family run factory, so the connection and work place moral are authentic, with generations of the same family working under one roof together.

We care about our workers because we care about our product.