In recent years, Morocco has become a ‘go to’ travel destination both for world travellers and city break lovers. With more airlines flying there than ever before, it’s become a choice spot for many wanderlusters - and for very good reason.

Casablanca is a fine example of the rich culture Moroccans offer visitors and it’s a great spot for exploring. Enjoy local tagine, cous cous, fresh vegetable salads and sweet breakfasts - all washed down with a steaming glass of fresh mint tea, of course!

Its older neighborhoods boast picturesque French colonial and traditional Moroccan architecture, although Casablanca's modern identity is all about progress and development. Today it is a thriving business center full of cosmopolitan arts venues, restaurants and nightclubs. 

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for visiting the city of Casablanca:


Although January falls under the rainy season of Morocco, the amount of rainfall is far less than many other countries. Dress for mainly clear days and mild temperatures while exploring the city.


With temperatures still mild and rain showers infrequent, long sleeved shirt dresses and light layers are ideal for this month. You won’t need a winter coat for Morocco, unless you plan to visit the Atlas Mountains!


With daily temperatures creeping upwards, replace light layers with one breathable fabric layer. Strappy shoes might be tempting, but don’t forget that many of the roads and streets aren’t always fit for easy strolling!


You can leave your jacket at your accommodation - you won’t need it! Sunglasses matched with lightweight accessories will work well as the real Moroccan heat begins to arrive.


This is one of the busiest tourist months thanks to the sunshine and the pleasant temperatures of the city. Take one layer out with you in case you stay out in the cooler evenings.


Morocco’s summer months are not forgiving! Embrace non-stick fabrics, light coloured clothing choices, and accessories that won’t absorb the heat along with soft material handbags.


Despite the blistering heat, resist the temptation to strip off and cause offence. Opt for loose fitting skirts or linen pants, and choose cotton tops to stay chic while keeping cool.


Enjoy the delights of the many riads towards the middle of the day when the sun is at its least forgiving. Some allow sunbathing (make sure to check) so you might want to pack swimwear.


As the intense summertime heat begins to cool, you can start to enjoy mild, dry climates. Long sleeved outfits and a flattering jacket would be good choices this month.


Chic flat shoes, soft fabric layers and longer hair swept up off the neck is the look of October for Casbalana visitors. As the weather cools, there is still some humidity to overcome.


This is now the true ‘winter’ of Morocco, although the freezing temperatures only reach the Mountains and the Sahara’s evenings. Lightweight jackets and shoulder covering scarves are a must this month.


Long days of sunshine with far cooler temperatures than the summertime draw a crowd to Casablanca this month. Pack shoes that will stand the test of a crowded souk and take a lightweight bag for all the market shopping you’ll want to do!


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Casablanca is used to tourists and it is a friendly city. With that said, you are stepping into a strictly Muslim culture. To avoid offending anyone (and avoid hassle when you’re out walking in the souks) a well placed shawl around your shoulders is highly recommended.

Enjoy Casablanca for everything that it offers you - it won’t be a trip you’ll forget any time soon!