Take some time for you to nourish, rest and recharge. 

Regularly setting aside time for self care helps to nourish our inner qualities of creativity, inspiration, courage and tranquility. Prioritising self care is about being kind and compassionate to yourself and is a time to relax and recharge. Many well known self-care advocates like Adriana Huffington and Oprah Winfrey dedicate Sunday as their self-care day, but any day of the week that suits your schedule is perfect. Remember, what you practice grows stronger, so choose activities that you enjoy and that leave you feeling energised, spacious and calm. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Enjoy a Lazy Morning

Treat yourself to a lazy morning. Dont set your alarm. Allow yourself to wake up naturally and enjoy some extra time in bed. Take it slow and savour the cosy feeling of being warm and relaxed. Take a few moments to breath mindfully and set a positive intention for yourself and the day.

Walk in Nature

Nature has many healing qualities. Walking in nature is good for our overall health and well-being as the fresh air, sunshine and exercise enhances our mood and feelings of vitality. Attention to the beauty of nature is also a form of mindfulness, as time away from a busy mind can refresh our sense of focus and invite new perspectives. 

Read a Book

Curling up on the couch with a good book and a nice cup of tea can be so luxurious. A good book can be inspirational, feed our creativity and remind us that anything is possible. It can also be a connecting experience when you read with a virtual book club. Almost every celebrity has a book club these days, with many incredible books to choose from.

Be Creative

It can be really fun to do something creative like painting, drawing, trying a new recipe or writing. The most important point is to enjoy what you are doing and not worry too much about the outcome. Creative activities tap into a different part of our brain and can be a great activity to enjoy independently or with the family.


There are many different types of meditation, such as loving-kindness, walking meditation and vipassana. No matter which technique you choose to practice, all can help you to cultivate strength, re-centre and find calm. Meditation nourishes the parts of our mind and body that are often forgotten in amongst a busy schedule and an action-focused life. A little time dedicated to cultivating inner peace and stillness can go a long way. 

Take a Bath

There is nothing like a hot bath to take a Self Care Sunday to the next level, especially in winter. Maximise the luxury and well being of an extended soak by adding some health and mood enhancing essential oils. Let go of any worries and enjoy the art of doing nothing.

There are many ways to enjoy a day of self care. Create your own combination of compassionate activities to nourish yourself on a regular basis, rest and recharge.