Surround yourself with love, at home this Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day may look a bit different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the day and make it a special celebration of love with your chosen favourite person. In fact, a home-style Valentines Day may be more exciting than you think. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Little Surprise Gifts

Surprise your loved one with little gifts of love. It could be as simple as a flower from the garden, a hand-made card, a nice photo of you both, a special song, letter or love poem. Giving little surprise gifts throughout the day can also be very sweet. Expressing your feelings creatively is a great way to share connecting moments together, while also making the day unique and memorable.

Breakfast in Bed

Being served breakfast in bed is such a luxurious experience and a wonderful way to spoil your mate. There are many breakfast ideas for inspiration. Pancakes, croissants, waffles, or a gourmet fruit breakfast. With coffee and orange juice. Say no more.

Plan Your Next Trip Together

While global travel may not be easy right now, it can still be fun to plan your next trip. Brainstorm a bucket listof places you really want to visit together and think about which activities you will do when you get there. Seeing the Polar Lights in Iceland? Or what about a Safari in the Serengeti? Maybe you will decide on the perfect destination for your next Valentine’s weekend together.

Romantic Dinner and Movie Night

It is the classic and perhaps cliche combination, but a romantic dinner followed by a movie is still a slam-dunk date night. Make the dinner special by cooking something together or ordering your favourite take-away. Choose a film that you will both enjoy or maybe even make you laugh. This can also be a great activity for the whole family. Snuggle up, count your blessings and enjoy being surrounded by love.