Easy Energy Saving Tips for Winter

As the months get cooler and heaters are switched on to stay warmer, we may seek to lower energy use in our home. Unless your home is powered by solar energy, electricity use in the home contributes to harmful greenhouse gas emission which in-turn are causing global warming. Perhaps consider whether your electricity provider has a green energy option. In the meantime, here are a few easy energy saving tips to get started.

Put on a Jumper

It may seem obvious, but putting on a jumper, or extra layers, while indoors means it can be possible to lower the heating thermostat by a few degrees, rather than turn it all the way up. One study estimated that lowering the thermostat by 1°C equated to a 13% reduction of energy for heating spaces. Every little bit counts.

Install a Water Efficient Shower Head

Up to 25% of all energy use in the home is from heating the water for hot showers. Installing an eco-shower head halves the energy use of each shower, which can lead to considerable energy savings. At the same time, energy savings from hot showers come with water savings too. Check with with your water provider, or local council, to see if they provide a water efficient shower head free of charge. Using less hot water in any part of the home will also save energy, such as switching from hot to cold laundry washes.

Sleep, Switch and UnPlug

When not in use, remember to switch off or unplug electronic devices such as TVs and computers. Sleep mode can also use less energy than leaving a device turned-on. Switching off lights when leaving a room is another way to easily save energy.