Your Gentle Guide To Self Care : Introducing meditation, your self-care secret weapon.


If you have ever wandered through the internet looking for a simple guide to mindfulness and meditation, you have likely come up against quite a lot of jargon and hard to follow research material. If this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place.

Consider this article your gentle guide to self care - without any confusing terminology!

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness on a daily basis. You don’t need any fancy qualifications or expensive equipment to engage in it. All you need is an allotted portion of time where you are unlikely to be disturbed, and yourself.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it really should be.

Mindfulness isn’t about doing anything “wrong” - quite the opposite, in fact. Mindfulness is a daily exploration of how you’re feeling, helping you to connect your natural thoughts and emotions together. Essentially, it is your tool to scan your mind and body in order to see what needs your care and attention.

So, how can we introduce mindfulness into our day, to gain all if these benefits?

Meditation is the cornerstone of mindfulness, and it is a crucial component of effective self care. It can become a natural, nurturing part of your day very easily. Think of it as your power up tool, helping you to cope with the days challenges and personal obstacles.

Start by finding a space in your home where you feel relatively relaxed. It needs to be a spot where you will be left in peace without being disturbed for around 20 minutes at a time. If you choose to be outside, make sure there isn’t too much noise from road traffic or similar distractions happening nearby.

Once seated comfortably, roll your shoulders back to allow your chest to fully expand as you breathe. You can fold your hands on your lap, or place them turned down on your thighs, depending how you have chosen to sit.

This is the moment you give yourself permission to let go of the anchors you have been carrying.

Gently close your eyes. Allow your jaw to relax, along with your facial muscles. You might be surprised at how much tension you had been holding. Take deep breaths into your belly counting in for 5, and out for 8. Repeat this cycle of breaths and counting, drawing your focus back to this practice every time your mind starts to wander.

Once you have repeated this cycle enough that you can feel a sensation of acceptance - you will know when this happens - then start to draw your attention back to your surroundings. Notice the sounds and smells around you. Bring your breath back to a more regular, even cycle. Open your eyes and take in your surroundings.

Consider mediation your self-care secret weapon.

By introducing this simple meditation practice into your routine, you are inviting in positive energy and removing built up stress you might be carrying. This powerful form of self care is a true game changer - one you will wonder how you ever operated without!