Ways to beat the heat and stay cool over these hot summer days.

Whether visiting the beach, a lake or relaxing by the pool, choosing the right clothes to wear can make or break a comfortable and relaxing experience, especially as the temperatures soar. Fabric choice is particularly important, as is the level of airflow provided by the garment. Finally, it is always a good idea to maximise your protection from the sun. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you stay chic and cool this summer.

Fabric Choice

Clothes made from natural fibres are perfect for summer because they are breathable, light weight and soft on the skin. Natural fibres are also generally light weight, quick drying and long lasting compared to synthetic fibres. Our favourite summer fabrics are cotton, linen and silk.


A versatile and classic fabric, cotton has many natural qualities that make it a great choice for summer. Cotton traps air between its fibres which helps to keep you feeling fresh and protected from the hot heat, while also absorbing moisture which allows your body to cool down quickly. Cotton is a very comfortable and relaxing fabric to wear, as it is both a natural ventilator and a temperature regulator.


A loosely woven natural fibre, linen offers maximum breathability and comfort. Made from flax plants, linen allows plenty of natural airflow and heat to escape from the body. Like cotton, linen also absorbs moisture which helps the body to stay cool and fresh as temperatures rise. Linen clothes also get better with age as they become softer on the skin the more they are worn and washed. So you can enjoy your favourite linen garments for many summers to come.


An incredibly light fabric, silk allows freedom of movement and adjusts to your body temperature - making it an ideal choice for summer. Silk is particularly suited to summer slips, skirts, sleeveless dresses and loose shirts. Strong and fast-drying, silk garments are a practical choice for travel and weekend getaways. Silk is also an elegant and stylish fabric, which can elevate a casual summer outfit to the next level.


The cut and style of clothes are also important elements to consider for both optimal freshness and elegance during summer. Ideally, choose clothes that allow for as much natural airflow as possible. Dresses and skirts with a modest length, as opposed to full-length are preferable, as are tops or shirts with open-style sleeves. Loose fitting clothes and design features such as slits and mesh panels allow additional air to flow around the body which helps to cool down your skin.

Sun Protection

Finally, no summer outing is complete without adequate protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun. So, dont forget your sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and plenty of ocean-friendly sunscreen.

Stay cool, chic, safe and healthy this summer!

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