What To Wear and When in Seoul | Voya


Seoul fits its linguistic translation of ‘soul’ rather perfectly. As the capital city of South Korea and the heart of the capital area of the region, it offers a range of both business and leisure opportunities as well as an incredible variety of hospitality experiences.

Seoul is pleasantly walkable in many areas which makes it ideal for the laid back traveller. Whether you’re short on time or visiting for a while, there are an array of attractions that draw millions of visitors each year.

Here is your month-to-month ‘what to wear and when’ guide for visiting the ‘soul’ of South Korea:


Still within the winter season, January is a month to wrap up warm and enjoy the dry, crisp, cold weather. You will likely be treated to some beautiful snowy scenes that will make for great photos.


Layer up your outfits and ensure you wear comfortable, warm footwear for going out exploring in. Gloves are a must but you’ll have no need for an umbrella most of the time.


As winter tails off, expect chilly weather with less snow than previous months. Make the most of the bright, crisp winter sunshine and the first clues of the beginnings of spring.


As the snows melt away, you will be able to enjoy milder temperatures. This is one of the most popular months to visit South Korea, so bear in mind how crowded the city might get.


As spring kicks into full effect, the many green spaces in the city will come alive with colour and cherry blossom. Enjoy warmer temperatures that lend themselves well to light jackets and linens.


As spring moves into summer, you can enjoy hotter days before the humidity and the monsoon season hits the city. Comfortable footwear and flattering lines of fabrics will work well this month.


The height of Korean summer is accompanied by a large dose of humidity and a generous smattering of torrential monsoon downpours. Good quality umbrellas and pretty fans are a must!


Half of the annual rainfall occurs within July and August so be prepared for getting caught out! Wide brimmed hats and light layers are a great option to ensure you stay comfortably stylish.


As the start of Autumn creeps in, temperatures start to decline also. With far less rain towards the end of this month, ideally plan your visit for the end of September if possible.


Rainy humidity is replaced by sunny days, blue skies and a dry climate. This is a perfect month to head out and explore, ensuring to take a few warmer layers for the evening time.


Comfortable, temperate weather conditions will free you to explore Seoul without worrying about rainstorms or icy weather. Make sure to pack a jacket and some fuller length outfits.


As winter fully takes its place in the height of the coldest season in Seoul, you’ll want to cosy up with thicker outerwear and some great dark glasses for the sunnier icy days in the city.

Seoul is known as a friendly city with very obliging locals. It is ranked as one of the safest Asian cities along with being one of the easiest to navigate.

It is a vibrant metropolis -and not somewhere you’ll want to miss out on!