India is known around the world for its signature appreciation of bright colours, festivities, and detailed adornments. The Indian culture isn’t known for doing things by halves, as you’ll discover!

Mumbai is the epicentre of India’s creative industries. Hundreds of Bollywood movies are created in this busy city each year, and it is fast becoming the innovator of the Indian’s fashion scene.

Here is your month-to-month guide of what to wear and when while visiting:


January is the coolest month of the year in Mumbai, although the city remains pleasantly mild. Invest in some of the fine shawls and silk wrap-arounds that the city offers in many of it’s colourful markets.


Although humidity begins to creep back up in February, the weather stays cool and comfortable with unlikeliness for rain showers. Keep light layers nearby, but you can remain pretty confident in wearing whatever feels comfortable.


Swap layers for looser clothing that can be accessorised with jewellery and adornments that add a touch of Bollywood glamour. This is ‘Holi’ festival month, so pack white linens that you don’t mind getting covered in every colour imaginable!


With the humid season in full swing, you’re going to want to stay comfortable. Choose natural linens over synthetic fabrics, and go for higher quality footwear to ensure your feet stay pain free as you explore the city.


This is going to be the hottest month of the year so pack sunglasses, light fabrics, and jewellery that won’t absorb the heat. Bring a beautifully designed fan for a touch of practical glamour!


As the monsoon period arrives, you won’t want to get caught out in the rain. Take a good quality umbrella with you and wear a stylish wide brim hat to protect your hair and face from splashes.


The heaviest rainfall of the year means one thing - fantastic footwear! You won’t want to be sliding around in damp sandals, so opt for shoes that offer both style and suitability for the environment.


Embrace Mumbai’s local fashions, including the beautiful saris that can be handmade for you. Just make sure you pick the opportune moments to wear them out, avoiding the showers!


Enjoy bright sunshine and far less humidity than the summertime. The weather will remain warm so you’ll want to keep your favourite sunglasses and wide brimmed hats close to hand.


As the weather cools, enjoy wearing out your favourite pant suits and figure flattering dresses without fear of becoming uncomfortable - or sweating through them, as in previous months!


With only unseasonal showers, you can trust the days and nights to stay dry. Wear chic sandals, your fanciest colour choices, and whatever else helps you feel your best as you enjoy the city.


With low humidity and high temperatures, you’ll want to stay fresh. Breathable material clothing matched with choice accessories will help you feel the part, no matter where you head out to.



Mumbai is an intense, densely populated, chaotic, noisy, vibrant city that’s full of adventure and rich in culture. You won’t want to miss a moment, so choose clothing and accessories that will suit the environment and allow you to explore your heart out!

Mumbai is one of the more modern areas of India and it is much more embracing of outsiders than other areas. Remain respectful of any area or situation you venture into, bearing in mind that although the city is a hub of development it is still very traditional in some ways.

Enjoy Mumbai for everything that it offers - its gifts will stay with you long after you fly home.