5 Ways To Enjoy Adventure Closer To Home

As 2020 summertime looms closer, those suffering with an unfulfilled sense of lockdown wanderlust may be struggling to stay inspired. When social distancing, border closure and flight suspensions are our current reality, it can be hard to visualise future travel opportunities to stay hopeful for adventure.

Thankfully, you don’t have to store away your luggage cases or your travel backpack quite yet!

We may not be able to globe trot quite as easily as we did in previous years (for now) but there are still a whole host of opportunities without leaving the UK. You just need a vehicle and a little creativity - along with these next 5 tips!

Here are 5 road tripping ways to enjoy some incredible travel experiences this summertime:

1. Get ‘App Happy’. The days of arguing over which way to hold the map is a thing of the past. With apps like ‘Park4Night’ (which recommends safe and legal spots to park up) and TripAdvisor (just as useful in the UK as abroad) at your fingertips, you’re well equipped to enjoy road tripping without any navigational stress.

2. Open your mind to new locations. Used to sunning yourself in Bali? Dedicated French wine enthusiast? There are a wealth of incredible sights, scenes and tastes to enjoy within the UK. The Scottish Borders are ideal for those camping or caravanning as there are few parking restrictions along with some incredible views, for example.

3. Contact local guides. The best way to get to know a place is to get under its skin. An advantage of road tripping in the UK is language commonality. Meet locals through social networking apps and online groups, or search for recommendations. You might learn more this summer than you ever expected to.

4. Embrace new types of accommodation. Not a fan of camping? Many hotels are starting to reopen, but there are some other great options available also. House-sitting, for example, is a free and flexible way to stay your way around the country while meeting new (4 legged, often) friends along the way.

5. Find a new point of view. There are some incredible hiking routes and mountain views available throughout the UK. The Welsh Brecon Beacons are breathtaking, as are the rugged Scottish Highlands. Follow your sense of wanderlust. Soon, you could find yourself looking at the world from a different point of view.

The advantage of road tripping, is that you’re free to change direction whenever you wish. Not keen on an area that looked a lot nicer on Google Earth? Start the engine, and move on. Seen a sign for a town that looks interesting? Take a new route.

The joys of travel are all in the discovery - stay curious!

Uncertainty about the short and long term future in the current times can be overwhelming, but you can take some of your power back by investing in the travel opportunities you love. Who knows what you might discover closer to home this summertime?