The Voya Packing Guide 

A lightweight suitcase makes travel easy and convenient, not only during transit, but also when moving around at your final destination. The best option is to keep your main suitcase or backpack under 7-10 kgs to avoid luggage check-in and save time at the airport. When you’re on a plane every kilo counts and makes a difference to fuel usage and your carbon emissions.

What you pack will ultimately depend on your destination, the season, and how long you are planning to stay. As a rule of thumb, less is more, so consider only taking the basics. Here are a few tips to keep the load light, while also keeping your clothes looking fresh and crisp for arrival.

1. Choose Versatile Clothes 

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of clothes that you take is to choose versatile items. Trousers that are casual, comfortable, but easily dressed up for the night are great for long-haul flights as well as for enjoying the night life. Or choose a skirt that suits the beach as well as day-time activities such as walks or visiting cultural sites, which may require to below the knee length in modest countries or religious sites. 

2. Only Pack One or Two of Each Item 

The most frugal travellers only pack one or two of any item and expect to wash items while on the road. For example, if you pack two t-shirts, you can expect to wash one, while wearing the other and both will be re-worn several times for the duration of the trip. Be strict with yourself. No more than one jacket and two pairs of shoes, no matter the weather, guarantees a lighter load. 

3. Match Colours and Styles 

Packing clothes that make easy outfits for your destination means less items overall. It can also help to eliminate unnecessary items. For example, if a top or blouse does not match the colour or style of the versatile trousers or skirt you have chosen, leave them at home. Each item should match another item in your suitcase.

4. Avoid Liquids 

Any common liquid product, such as body wash or shampoo can be bought on arrival. Only pack absolute necessities in small quantities that you cannot live without, such as your favourite sunscreen, night cream or necessary medicines. Remember, unless you have a prescription, every liquid carry-on needs to be under 100ml.

5. Roll Items 

There is a debate among frequent travellers as to whether rolling or folding fits more clothes in a luggage space. However, the advantage of rolling clothes is that it generally keeps clothes less creased and crisp for arrival. Rolling is a packing technique that can be improved overtime and a tight roll can really slim down the load.  

6. Use Compact Travel Items 

There are some travel items that are really useful for a compact trip. Some ideas include a light- weight travel towel, packing cubes and small travel containers for your favourite beauty products. Consider investing in quality compact travel kits and items that are durable.

7. Use Dead-Space 

Finally, there are spaces to put things that many people forget about, such as inside shoes, sunglass cases and side-pockets of your luggage. Little nooks and crannies are great for socks, phone chargers and battery packs.

With a light luggage packed and ready to go - you can enjoy a free-feeling, happy trip. In the current environment we recommend to always carry a travel-size hand-sanitiser and a face-mask.